TV Addict

The best way to track series on your phone

Free Version

  • Never forget to watch newly airing episodes
  • Keep track of your watched episodes
  • Get notified of newly released series
  • Categorize your series

Paid Version

  • Upcoming episode list
  • Episode notification adjustment
  • Ad free

Short Tutorial

A short tutorial to help you get started with TV Addict.

The TVDB integration

Since TV Addict gets all the series information from, existing TVDB users can have their favourite series synchronized on their phone and also rate series or episodes through the app.

Automatic updates

TV Addict has an automatic update feature that updates your added series and notifies you of newly announced episodes or series.

It is recommended that the app is allowed to update at least once per day, in order to download new episodes and never miss to notify you about their release.

Quiet Hours

Notifications of releasing episodes are not displayed between a custom time period but are postponed. Useful for episodes that are being released during night time.

Never miss an episode

TV Addict notifies you when a new episode is being aired so you will never miss watching an episode again. If you live outside the U.S.A. , the app sets notifications at your local time zone so you will know exactly when an episode is being aired.

*Episode air times are provided from the The app has no responsibility of any erroneous air times. The paid version of TV Addict has the feature of setting a time offset of the series local air time to enable users adjust it.

Keep track of your watched episodes

Mark the already watched episodes and have an easy overview of how many and which episodes have been left to watch.